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Concrete Beats & Cosmic Breaks vol.1


concrete beats cosmic breaks.jpg

The Psychedelic Summer Girl

was our radio debut on

Harald Are Lund Show on NRK.

I remember feeling excited that Harald Are Lund would play the first song we released.

Promo shoot at Villa Stenersen for Sounds of Architecture. September 2019

Photographer: Christian Roth Christensen

Concrete Beats & Cosmic Breaks vol.2


concrete beats cosmic breaks vol.2.jpg

Spring Vibes was once again played on Harald Are Lund Show on NRK. This time with the song In the Beginning.

Summer Heat


Summer Heat cover.jpeg

First single from our debut album. Harald Are Lund played this one was as well.

You Bring the Melody


You bring the melody cover.jpeg

It's a fine folky ballad in 3/4 time signature with some nice mellotron samples.

Space Jazz Guru
Space Jazz Guru cover.jpg


Late Nights & Lazy Afternoons


late nights & lazy afternoons cover.jpg

The debut album

Sunny Days


Sunny Days.jpg

It's our percussionist

Jon Dahl Tveter

favourite spring vibes song.

George & Jaqueline - A Love Story Set in Kaleidoscope Dreams


An imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie...

george and jaqueline cover.jpg
Into Space


Into Space.jpg

It's our pocket symphony

Solar System


Solar System.jpg

This might be the essential Spring Vibes song.

Endless Summer


Endless Summer.jpg

I've never been satisfied with finished result of this song.

But the Hugh Jazz remix was brilliant.

Space Observatory


Space Obervatory cover.jpg

When i discovered the NASA archives was public domain. I thought those audio samples was great to use as a base for an album about space.

Space Observatory - The Remixes


remix cover 2.jpg

Richard Norris made a great remix of Space House Music on this remix ep.

Sounds of Architecture


Sounds of Architecture - the album cover

I think Sounds of Architecture is a great title and concept.

Villa Stenersen (Vintage Funkis Sommerferie Mix)


villa funkis sommerferie mix.jpg
Villa Stenersen


villa stenersen cover.jpg

Our first single sung in Norwegian.

Paimio Sanatorium


paimio sanatorium 1.jpg

I love Alvar Aalto. The lyrics are sung in Finnish.

Kunststoffhaus FG2000


kunstoffhaus single cover new 3.jpg

I was listening to some Italian easy listening soundtracks on youtube and laying on my sofa. Scrolling through an taschen coffee table book about space age architecture. When I saw a picture of Kunststoffhaus FG 2000.

Sound Shell Napier


sound shell single cover.jpg

We released this the same week as the Napier art deco festival and it got played on local radio in Napier.

Kysset (Munch er mod)


kysset munch er mod cover.jpg
Selvportrett med sigarett


munch a mod collage album cover version