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Spring Vibes

Experimental duo Spring Vibes

explore the works of Edvard Munch

munch a mod collage album cover version

Munch - a mod collage


Release date:07.05.2021

format:download & streaming

download dropbox album promo link:

streaming link at the Orchard:

Munch - a mod collage

A radio drama in eighteen acts.

Titles inspired by Munch's paintings.

Lyrics inspired by Munch's diaries & correspondence.


A cross-genre work with spoken word,

piano ballads,musique concrète,

hip hop beats with retro,jazzy soul grooves,

new wave post- punk,

garage rock inspired guitar riffs,

ambient minimal electronica and

psychedelic sound effects.

Recordings on

historical Munch locations in Oslo

with art historian and Munch expert

Hans Martin Frydenberg Flaaten

as a master of ceremony & fabulator.


Munch – a mod collage will be released on the duo's own label

Spring Vibes Arkestra Séance Records

and distributed by Indigoboom/theOrchard

Rcording Personnel:

Goran Conradsen:

Vocals,Guitar,Bass,Bulbul Tarang,Programming,Synths,Drum Machine,Sound Collages

Jon Dahl Tveter:

Congas,Bongos,Claves,Maracas,Finger Cymbals,Shakers,Tambourine,Vibraslap,Guiro

Spoken word on track 11

Siri Katinka Valdez

Vocals on track 1,4,6,9

Hans Martin Frydenberg Flaaten

Spoken word on track 3,8,14,18

Pål Ludvig Finstad

Spoken word on track 14,18

Magnus Lassen

Spoken word on track 5

Knut Dørve

Spoken word on track 7

Ken-Robert Jakobsen

Lead guitar on track 3

Backing vocals on track 15

Anders Bø

Vocals on track 15

Per Hind Stellander

Guitar on track 1

Produced by Spring Vibes

Mixing & Mastering by

Roger Donsancan

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