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Spring Vibes


the new single from Spring Vibes has it all.


'Keegan' is the third single

from the forthcoming album Dream Team set for release in January 2023.


It's inspired by the football legend Kenny Keegan.

Even if it's only 3:16 long it sounds like an epic inspired by Merseybeat,

Classic Soul, Gospel and Psychedelia.


Listen here for preview:


It kicks off with a soulful,gospel inspired sing along refrain with powerful and melodic female vocals. The drums and bass brings to mind the classic soul from Martha & the Vandellas, The Flirtations and The Supremes. There's a playful tambourine to keep your feet on the floor.


On the second refrain Spring Vibes bring out their spiky,fuzzed up rhythm guitars.

Together with the gospel like vocals the song soars and rises like a classic T Rex song from the seventies. There's a psychedelic bridge with dream-like vocals and mellotron that calm things down

before a long build-up of the third refrain.

Starting with only choir, tambourine & bass for a couple of bars before it lifts off when the main vocals enter along with drums and guitars

in what must be one of the most joyous seconds of music released in 2022.

The extended outro after the last refrain is reminiscent of The Beatles experimental period of 1967 and early Pink Floyd singles.


It's ambient,chill-out,atmospheric and psychedelic. With warm samples of mellotron sounds both backwards and forwards combined with the astral sounds of an omnichord.


Lyrically it references Keegan's time as a player with Liverpool and Hamburg.

As well as being one of the first football players to be worshiped by young fans and media like a pop star. The refrain is inspired by his famous qoute «I will love it, if we beat them» as a Newcastle manager directed at Manchester United as well as his nickname «the mighty mouse».


«I think it's nice that the music is inspired the Beatles and sixties soul music since it has a connection with both Hamburg and Liverpool.» - says Spring Vibes songwriter Goran Conradsen.


Spring Vibes are: Goran Conradsen, Songwriter,Producer,Guitars,Bass,Synths and sound effects.

Jon Dahl Tveter, Percussion


Guest vocals:

Talisha Karrer

Kria McKenzie


Keegan (03:16)

Release Date: Friday 9.September 2022

Format:Digital Label:Spring Vibes Arkestra Séance Records

Recorded at Resonant Vibrations Mobile Studio

Mixed and Produced by Spring Vibes

Mastered by Roger Donsancan

Spring Vibes are back!

with two new singles

'Cruyff' and 'Breitner'

set for release on Friday 8.July 2022

To compensate for the lack of a world cup finale in July this summer.

Spring Vibes are releasing two singles named respectively:

`Cruyff´ and `Breitner´. A third single called `Keegan´ is scheduled for release in August.

Spring Vibes will release a full album titled Dream Team in January 2023.


The album will have 14 songs inspired by football legends.


`Cruyff´ swings with a toe tappin backbeat and a finger snapping bass riff.

A melodic vibraphone riff encapsulate the finesse of the famous Cruyff turn.

The light jazzy vocals sounds enthralling and effortless.

While the refrain with it’s shiny synths and psych mellotron samples.

Sounds halfway between Their Satanic Majestic Request era of Rolling Stones and Tame Impala.


Spring Vibes are:

Goran Conradsen

Jon Dahl Tveter


Lead vocals on Cruyff by Sarah Elizabeth

Backing vocals by Anna Sorgencord


Recorded at Resonant Vibrations Mobile Studio

Mixed and Produced by Spring Vibes

Mastered by Roger Donsancan


`Breitner´ - the motorik beat from kosmiche bands like Neu! and Can.

Might have been the most copied drum rhythm in populær music the last 20 years.

But when it’s used in a song named after the german bohemian Paul Breitner it sounds natural. When the swinging tambourine enters in the refrain,

it makes anyone wish to stroll down the street in a black and white adidas ‘74 track suit.


Spring Vibes are:

Goran Conradsen

Jon Dahl Tveter

Backing vocals by Anna Sorgencord


Recorded at Resonant Vibrations Mobile Studio

Mixed and Produced by Spring Vibes Mastered by Roger Donsancan



Keegan 2.jpg