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Spring Vibes

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Heat - A video collage by
Spring Vibes

Heat cover album flatdown.jpg

“We have always aspired to write a soundtrack.” says songwriter and producer Goran Conradsen.
“We put together a video collage of American public domain movies from the 60's and 70’s concerning environmental issues and energy supply and we named it Heat.
The album consists of one pop song and seven instrumentals.

“I spend a lot of time online researching for movies, audio, images and art in the category known as “public domain” that I can recycle as a sample, an album cover or a music video promo. Spring Vibes have always had an element of collage, whether that be sounds or video or both at the same time. The great paradox about the warnings of these old grainy, public domain movies about energy supply and environmental issues is that they are still relevant today, more than ever, we still have no solution to them today.”


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